Cameras from various HPWREN related sites
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Most of the cameras on this page have been provided and are supported via a grant from San Diego Gas and Electric
fixed narrow color+monochrome
fixed narrow color preferred
fixed narrow mono+nearIR preferred
fixed wide color preferred
fixed wide mono+nearIR preferred
PTZ cameras
Weather data
KML sensor visualization
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Toro Peak
Toro Peak N
Toro Peak S
Buffalo Bump N
Buffalo Bump S
Near Anza
Sky Oaks N
Sky Oaks S
Red Mountain N
Red Mountain S
Boucher Hill E
Boucher Hill W
High Point
Mesa Grande North
Mesa Grande South
Volcan Tract III North
Volcan Tract III South
Birch Hill
Big Black Mountain
Coronado Hills N
Coronado Hills S
Rincon Del Diablo N
Rincon Del Diablo S
Southwest Escondido 1
Southwest Escondido 2
Volcan South
Mount Woodson
Cuyamaca Peak N
Cuyamaca Peak S
Black Mountain
Mount Laguna
Mount Laguna Observatory N
Mount Laguna Observatory S
Cowles Mountain
Los Pinos N
Los Pinos S
Lyons Peak N
Lyons Peak S
San Miguel N
San Miguel S
White Star N
White Star S
Otay Mountain N
Otay Mountain S
Santa Ynez Peak
Santa Barbara Mesa
UC Santa Barbara Campus
Mt. Wilson Observatory W
Mt. Wilson Observatory E
L.A.Co.F.D Helibase 69 Bravo W
L.A.Co.F.D Helibase 69 Bravo E
Green Peak N
Green Peak S
San Vicente Axis 1
San Vicente Axis 2
Mt. Lee N
Mt. Lee S
Chino Hills N
Chino Hills S
Lake Perris N
Lake Perris S
Santigo Peak N
Santiago Peak S
Signal Peak N
Signal Peak S
Laguna Hills 1
Laguna Hills 2
Upper Bell N
Upper Bell S
Upper Talega N
Upper Talega S
San Juan Hills N
San Juan Hills S
San Clemente N
San Clemente S
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